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Ease3 roadmap

Actual roadmap is very simple: when we need a new function, we develop it.

Usually it is in form of an extension, then we try to see if it would be better to put it inside Ease3 kernel, and at which costs (expense, compatibility. security, ecc.).

All the new functions we added were born from our project needs. And other needs have been satisfied, but we have not found a reasonale way to put it in Ease3 4.5.105.

For example, this is a function we developed and is perfectly working in our projects, but we did not add to 4.5.105 because it needed a database change: some pages are visible in all menus, but when requested they must satisfy an evaluation test, and only if user is already logged and authorized then pages become accessible; otherwise user is sent to an authentication page, and after the authentication session he is directed to the original page, with all exact link parameters (including GET and POST fields, but no files) he had initially.

We developed also other extensions because we did not like what existing extensions were doing, and just kept them for our customers.

Need specific features?

If you need specific features, look at this page: Ask for features.