Under construction - work in progress

Roadmap hints

We have some ideas about what to add or change in next future, and we'd love someone else may help us to develop them.

This is a semplified list of what we think it's necessary or very nice to have:

  • better FE login security: actual FE login behaviour is to be improved, for a lot of reasons we don't like to expose publically;
  • isolate code from public resources: we'd love to put all public resources in a separate and well defined area, in order to disable any web access to code or internal resources (both for Ease3 and extensions);
  • improve SQL management of tables and fields: actually there are too many important SQL DDLs which are not handled, for example:
    • unsigned integer (important for constraints on table's uid)
    • null values
    • zero values
    • not null definition
    • more than one contraint (actually only one with forced name is managed)
    Some may be improved also in kickstarter, other simply should be used within ext_tables.sql.
  • kickstarter should be updated and enriched with a lot of features:
    • dynamic reading of CONSTANT, TEMPLATE and other part which could be updated out of kickstarter;
    • integration of flexform files
    • integration of scheduler tasks
    • define extension version
  • change of TYPO3 predefined paths: possibility to define different paths, for example:
    • BE area => /e3admin or custom path
    • /typo3temp => custom path
  • improve import/export of database
  • improve import/export of trees
  • improve ALIAS management
  • PHP 7 and MySQL PDO