Under construction - work in progress

Version 4.5.107 is on the road

This version will contain improvements to existing features, and will be the last light release, after which we'll focus on more complex improvements.

  • Extended and completed http/https beaviour:
    Now system default and page setting have these options:
    • 0 => default (page setting = 0 forwards to system setting, system setting = 0 acts like the old TYPO3 behaviour: new link will be set like the current page)
    • 1 => http
    • 2 => https
    • 3 => inherit from previous level
    • 4 => generate http link, but accept also https connection
    • 5 => generate https link, but accept also http connection
  • Customization for system error page and "on maintanance" page have been improved
  • Workspace preview page now may be more coherent: http/https scheme may be forced to be the same of BE, in order to avoid display problems when iframes use different schemes.

Next versions will focus on different improvements:

  • PHP 7 and MySQL PDO
  • change of BE access (customizable instead of fixed /TYPO3)
  • change of base paths (/typo3temp, /typo3conf, etc).
  • Better kickstart with integrated flexforms

If you have any request for next versions, drop us a line.