Under construction - work in progress

FE login with username or email address

Normal TYPO3 FE login functions permit only username to be used for logging.

So, although user's email is a unique identifier, and users prefer to use email, because it's more easy to remember, it cannot be used for logging in.

Some extensions have been developed for overriding such limit, and the best at the date lets use email also as username, just to try to solve the problem.

While this solution works, it is not the best, because it forces to use email everywhere in order to identify the user, also in pages where it would be better to use a simple username. In a public forum you are not willing to expose users email, but only their "inoffensive" username.

So, we made some changes to internal authentication functions, and now Ease3 may deal authentication both with username and emails.

A parameter has been added in config_default.php, and has been integrated in the installation tool:


Usage (for whole site):

  • 0: use username (default TYPO3 behaviour)
  • 1: use email (only email will be looked for)
  • 2: use username or email depending on @ presence (if @ is present use email, otherwise use username)