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Ease3 4.5.105 - Release date 01 August 2016

Ease3 4.5.105 - Release date 01 August 2016

Compatibility: Drop in replacement for TYPO3 4.5.40

Bugs solved

  • Function sql_pconnect() now manages non persistent MySQL connections.
  • Install now manages correctly string (textarea) changes. Fixed CR/LF usage and text area changes are now evaluated correctly.


  • extbase security bug - fix 76231

New features

  • FE login may now use username or email address.
    A parameter has been added in config_default.php: $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['FE']['useEmailAsUsername'].
    •             0: use username (default)
    •             1: use email
    •             2: use username or email depending on @ presence (if @ is present use email, otherwise use username)
  • http:/https: default behaviour may be customized.
    A parameter has been added in config_default.php: $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['FE']['httpDefaultBehaviour'].
    This parameter sets front end HTTP/HTTPS behaviour when page protocol is set to default (also sysfolders may set this parameters, valid only for children pages)
    •             0: keep current page scheme (TYPO3 default)
    •             1: Standard default is HTTP
    •             2: Standard default is HTTPS
    •             3: inherit from previous levels (first non-default declaration found going up in the page/sysfolders hierarcy.
  • scheduler has been enhanced.
    • scheduler may fork tasks when run from cron (normally task execution is one after the other both from cron and from admin panel)
    • scheduler may tick seconds (run execution at defined seconds) instead of minutes
    • scheduler may set forking limits
    • scheduler may fix cron delays
    • added commands to admin panel; logging has been improved
  • jQuery multiple libraries compatibility.
    Added feature for better handling of jQuery conflicts. Now different jQuery libraries may run together with no problems.
    • page.includeJS now permits to add automatically no conflict variables for jQuery, using jQueryNoConflictNames option.
  • Flexform commands: new commands have been added to FlexForm management:
    • cloneSheet: clones a sheet previously declared in same structure (reads it from memory), assigning a new sheet name.
    • cloneSheetFields: clones fields of a sheet previously declared in same structure (reads it from memory).
    • importSheet: import a flexform sheet from a flexform file, assigning a new sheet name.
    • importSheetFields: import fields of a flexform sheet from a flexform file.
    • added AND and OR to displayCond options
      More AND and OR may be used in same condition 
  • SETUP enhancements:
    • config.sitetitle.<lang> now may be set for localization of sitetitle based on language.
    • config.pageTitleSpacerOnly forces display of ' ' instead of ': ' on page
    • config.optionalLinkVars: optional variables to be added to a link
    • config.optionalLinkVarsPages: destination pages for which optional variables must be added to a link
  • TS enhancements
    • added condition frontEndLayout for managing versatile pages (pages where "Front End Layout" may be selected from backend user)
    • Function getData() now manages debug commands 'constants' and 'setup'.
    • condition names are now more case friendly: may be written upper or lowercase
  • Copyright claims may be optimized using install parameters (for BE login, BE page, FE page).
    This is an experimental phase, used for evaluating which informations are safe to be exposed and which are not safe.
    Installation default is: all copyrights are visible.
  • A restricted access warning box has been added to BE login page. This permits companies to declare illegal any not authorized access.
  • Extensions requirements now consider also Ease3 available since 4.5.105. Dependencies for TYPO3 versions up to 4.5.40 are accepted

New functions

  • Function build_SELECT_queryArray() has been added.
  • Function closeDB() has been added (previously there was no closing function).
  • Function parseUserFuncArguments() has been imported from TYPO3 4.6.
  • Functions setManual(), isManual() and getDueTaskList() have been added to scheduler.
  • Function addJqNoConflictName() has been added to t3lib_PageRenderer, in order to setup the variable which must handle a specific jQuery library.


  • Version updated to 4.5.105, in order to be different from TYPO3 4.5 versioning.
  • Function BEgetRootLine() now returns also docType, hidden, nav_title and nav_hide fields.
  • Function getPageForRootline() return also docType, hidden, nav_title, nav_hide and url_scheme fields.
  • Function getRootLine() now returns also url_scheme field.
  • Function parseSub() now evaluates also 'getData' command.
  • System log now may use current time instead of fixed script execution time.
    A parameter has been added in config_default.php: $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['systemLogCurrentTime'].
    boolean: if true, log time is taken from time(). If false (default) is taken from $GLOBALS['EXEC_TIME'] (script time)        
  • Added Ease3 links and copyright notices.
  • Improved DB connection in init.php.
  • Improved some checkings on MySQL resources.
  • Function cImage() now accept 'absRefPrefix' as parameter of $conf input array.
    Now an image may have absolute link despite of site default setting.
    This parameter overrides $GLOBALS['TSFE']->absRefPrefix.
  • Counter $GLOBALS['TSFE']->cObjectDepthCounter in FE has been set to 100 (instead of 50).
  • Counter $GLOBALS['TSFE']->cObjectDepthCounter in FE simulation has been set to 200 (instead of 100).
  • In function generateAndSendHash() date() has been changed with strftime().
  • Scheduler: added more formal checking on tasks params
  • Added checks on existance of array indexes (typo3/sysext/lang/lang.php)
  • Cleaned calling of various non static functions in
    •  t3lib_parsehtml_proc
    • t3lib_TStemplate
    • tslib_menu