Under construction - work in progress

General requirements

We are currently working with PHP 5.6, but we making our best effor to keep Ease3 CMS compatible with any PHP starting from 5.3.

Our reference SQL engine is MySQL. We are using MySQL 5.6, but we want to stay compatible with any version > 5.x.

This does not mean we are discouraging other SQL engines, but our first reference is MySQL. If others want to add or improve other SQL engines, they are welcome.

We'll ask the same effort to anyone developing extensions.

All versions of Ease3 CMS will be 100% compatible within the same major and minor version; for example, any future 4.5.x version will be 100% compatible with 4.5.105.

We'll pay the most of care to keep compatibility between major and minor releases. If not possible, we'll ask for opinions using developer's mailing list.

We'll ask the same to extensions developers. We'll not accept extensions which rely on specific PHP versions or do not care about compatibility.

extbase and fluid

We do not like extbase and fluid.

We did not strip them out only because the workspace module relies on them, but, at the first occasion in which we could rewrite this module, we will be tempted to cut extbase and fluid.

This means we'll not accept extensions which use or rely on extbase or fluid.

New features and existing package

Whenever possible, we'll use external (free) packages to implement new features, just implementing the bridge to Ease3.

In some case we have developed libraries which are indipendent from any CMS, and then just made a layer of interface for using them in TYPO3 (before) and Ease3 (now).

We think a good way of coding should let using the same code without being limited to the CMS environment.