Under construction - work in progress

Extension is for Ease3 what a plugin is for other CMSes.

But an extension may be, potentially, more complete, because it may be a simple plugin, or may include several plugins in same package, together with database SQL change instructions and whatever may be necessary to deploy it.

In this section we'll publish our public extensions, or extensions of developers which want to share their work with all os us.

A plugin market?

We are evaluating a market section, in which to sell or license extensions developed by us or by anyone else who wants to join.

Initially we'll boost free extensions, but we'd like to evaluate other possibilities.

If you are a professional developer, which would like to sell his/her extension (in binary or source format), join our developer mailing list and share your thoughts with us.

Laws and API

Sometimes GPL licenses are restrictive up to ridicolous levels even on developed extensions which are separate pieces of code, but EU (and USA) rules are reasonable permissive on software which uses API to interface any other program.

If you develop a module which uses API to interface with other software, for EU rules you are free to make it without any imposition.

These are only a couple of starting links for this topic. I hope we may speak more in mailing list: